Thursday, May 19, 2011

the death of Liz Taylor and the dating golden era

There was a 80´s song from my country that says “All my idols died of overdose all my enemies are in the power” in my mother language rime is not as easy as it is in English and maybe because of that most of the songs ( at least the ones that matter ) have a quite significant message on their lyrics ( and what a shock after I came to this country finally understand what those beautiful American’s songs I loved my whole life got such poor or none message on their lyrics, anyway the thing that made me remember those old song lines was Elisabeth Taylor death ,ok there is no such thing as I old junky, my idols are dying from something much more powerful and certain: old age ( lol ) the golden age of Hollywood soon is gonna be like the survives of Titanic ,it will only left KateWinslet.

Paul Newman, Marlon Brando, Audrey Hepburn …… the list go on, what makes me think the next on the list it will be Sophia Lorren, Lorren Bacall ( yes I know she doing extra hours on earth ) and the youngest Jane Fonda ,and that is gonna be the end of a era, all those folks are from my gramma´s time so just make me sad that I may be losing her with them.( my grandmother naturally blond always dye her hair in black because someone once told her she was a blond Elisabeth Taylor, if today all the girls want to be Angelina Jolie in that time Liz Taylor was the way to be ) Im not so into old movies, but I really respect and admire their class, the time when insinuate could be a more powerful sexual sign than just expose the quest without fighting for it.

Call me old but I really think we have a lot to learn from that era, don´t get me wrong i loved the 90´s when Madonna dictating this new sexual way to express, I love have the freedom to say and show whatever I want, but the problem today is that people don’t do it more by ideology but because is trend, is cool and all their friends are doing, so if in the 90´s I was criticized because I was exposing me too much, today I may push some people away from my no exposure, after all im not a porno channel with preview, want to see my HBO ? buy the packet! No pick pick lol

In the very beginning of the internet I was there in the chat room meeting with people from other states (something consider amazing in the time) so I was no more confine in just meet guys in my city or when I was travelling, I could now plan my trips, less time clubbing and hunting and more time fucking.

As technology maniac I was always so into gadgets as I was into men, so when in the middle 90s I bought the new nerd desirable toy: Scanner and so was clear what I did just afterwards : Scanning my pictures!

Is not because you can that means you should, I would not say that sometimes is naughty and cool see people bits even before to meet them, but I definitely miss the conquest, the charm and the flirtation of the old days when what attracted you to someone was the whole packet ,somewhere between decades we started to overdue it and what was sexy became just vulgar.

Im not Brad Pitt, your average bloke but thanks to my photogenic mom I was born the same and I took advantage of that, I don’t know if I was the first but much long before gaydar and Chris Croocker I was enjoying some international notoriety, that´s when I realise that exactly like Miley Cyrus I can´t be tamed ( lol ) as I was leaving two lives ,one in the internet and another in my religious and homophobic country.

If I was a woman I would say that now is time for cover up, but I also don´t believe in that and I will show my body as far I think is worth to be show and just when I want to show ! And if show off was the scandal in my young years today is the rule.

This post is dedicated to those men and women that like Elisabeth Taylor in her days could make a man have a erection with just a raise of eyebrows.

We should be the masters of our freedom, when show freedom is not a act of freedom then is not freedom at all.

Steve Cavalcanti


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